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Multi-channel analysis of surface waves MASW is often requested or required before the construction of a building or other substantial structure. Structural engineers and architects commonly use the P-wave and shear wave results of a seismic survey to calculate the engineering properties of the foundation material. The ability of the soils to carry the load of a building or structure, especially under adverse conditions, is a primary concern. While a MASW geophysical survey assists with characterizing the elastic properties, other geologic concerns may be of interest. For example, karst features can lead to unwanted void spaces while unexpected shallow bedrock may hinder the cutting down of hills for the construction of a road. Faults and the jointing and fracturing associated with faults can compromise the construction of a tunnel or a mine. The unanticipated limited volume of a nearby sand and gravel deposit, intended to be used as fill, can increase the cost of materials, if trucking from greater distances is required. Drilling, soil sampling, and other borehole methods are often used to initiate any of the above examples. There is one drawback and that is the fact that direct push drilling, sonic drilling, drilling with a bit, or auguring characterizes a finite position. There is no doubt that these methods can provide great detail downhole; however, the information has limited value for determining variations at depth that take place between boreholes. Indirect methods, like a MASW geophysical survey, can assist with mapping lateral variations in geology between boreholes. Sometimes a site needs to be investigated geophysically to assist with the geologic mapping. Click here for more information about engineering geophysics.

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4.5 Hz Geophone for a MASW geophysical survey

4.5 Hz Geophone for a MASW Geophysical Survey


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